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Understanding customer concerns, assessing individual need’s, and proving the best solution are Young at Heart’s core strengths. Our products are sourced to ensure the highest quality, craftsmanship and maximum benefits which is why our made to measure Rise & recline chairs and adjustable beds are British made and backed by the national bedding federation and we offer lifetime guarantees.

We have over 20 years’ experience within the healthcare sector and have built a reputation for providing honest advice, accurate assessments and quality products which can be supported by our customer testimonials – we have been delighted with the products we have received from you, Young at heart is run by people who really know their products and can give advice and help as necessary” Mrs South.

Our values

We always strive to be the best at what we do. This commitment is driven by our purpose, our values, and our experience.

We live by our values



We are consistently open, honest, ethical, and genuine.


We are always courteous, polite, and kind.


We listen to our customers to understand their needs.


Committed in heart and mind to providing the best solution.

Young at heart

That’s what we are.

My Experience

Michael Johnson Director at Young at heart healthcare reflects over the past 20 years and talks about how the Rise & Recline Chair has evolved since he first started in the healthcare industry over 20 years ago.

“Things looked quite different when I first started my career in relation to what customers wanted and needed from a chair and the choices they had. People just wanted to be able to put their feet up and help with getting out of the chair from a seated position.

Sizing was basic, where a chair size was picked close to that of the customer, without an in-depth assessment taking place. As the years progressed technology advanced and   manufacturers started to offer bespoke made to measure Rise and Recline chairs.

That was the moment everything changed, a chair tailored to a customer’s needs and size! We were now able to offer many more choices from chair design, back configurations, seat cushioning to suit weight requirements and actions which determined how the chair moves.

These new advances now provided excellent health benefits, but only if the customer was correctly assessed and the chair made to their own specification.

My Findings

Today, the customer knows a lot more about Rise and recline chairs and as I have seen over the years many customers may have owned 2 or maybe 3 simply because the chairs they have purchased previously they had never been completely satisfied with them. Some of the reasons

  • 9/10 people that we visit have a chair that does not fit them correctly i.e.
    • Too wide
    • Too narrow
    • Too high
    • Too Low
  • Most do not like the way the chair moves i.e. I want to put my feet up but want to be able to watch the TV without staring at the ceiling.
  • The look of the chair “Never liked it because it is too bulky, ugly” or not happy with the choice of material.

My Solution

So, the best solution Is to always assess the customer in their own home, this ensures it is suitable for their needs, it works in the place it is going to be positioned and the customer can get a real feel for the chair, allowing them to make an informed decision as to whether a Rise and Recline chair is the right choice for them.

Working with the right partners allows me to achieve a quality made to measure Rise & Recline chair, that when delivered to the customer fits perfectly in every aspect and seeing a smile on a customer’s face is our ultimate aim.

Consistency is the key – and by the way this took years to perfect.