Home Assessments

We believe that all our products require careful assessment of customer needs and requirements before undertaking any purchase to ensure maximum benefits can be achieved.


Whether you are interested in a made to measure Rise & recline chair or looking for the added health benefits of an adjustable bed, we can bring them to you so you can try in the comfort of your own home.


You may be thinking about a powerchair or scooter to give you that extra independence, our buddies will be pleased to discuss your requirements and provide recommendations to suit your needs. We will also give you the opportunity to have a test drive so you can see what works best for you.

Interested in Group Presentations?

Young at Heart Healthcare have been attending independent living developments throughout the country for many years, where our lifestyle buddy Michael gives a fun and informative presentation titled ‘Enhance the life you live’, Michael has over 20 years’ experience advising older adults on many aspects of health and wellbeing and has a wealth of knowledge on topics such as: 

*The process of natural change in Adulthood

* The importance of a good night’s sleep

* Improving circulation

* Correcting and maintaining good posture

* How certain aspects of our daily routines may be affecting our health.

To aid the presentation, Michael will bring with him a selection of our products, such as our made to measure Rise and Recline Chair, Adjustable bed and our new lightweight carbon fibre rollators and shoppers. 

He will also bring with him tea, coffee, and cake for everyone to enjoy whilst listening to the presentation and there will also be a chocolate raffle.  


Please be assured, this is not a pressure selling event, this is a very relaxed, fun, and highly informative session which has been enjoyed by many owners and managers over the years.

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